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The Top 5 Reasons to Begin a Career in Packaging

Beginning a career in packaging is an excellent option to consider. Plentiful work, consistent growth, abundant opportunity, and excellent compensation await those ready to take on the challenge. And while packaging may not be a field you've previously considered, a closer look reveals why you should.

Packaging Is A Rock-Solid Industry

One of the biggest advantages of packaging is that it’s a dependable industry. Whereas other fields like real estate or automotive may take a nosedive in bad economic times, that’s not the case for packaging. People always need food and clothing, medical care, and (nowadays) technology to live their lives.

All of which are served by the packaging industry. Not to mention that consumer attitudes and spending habits are encouraging further growth.

Food handling is a perfect example. Demand for fresher, healthier dining options are driving packaging needs to all-time highs. Portability and convenience are motivating elements as well - forcing companies to invent new ways to extend food shelf-life and increase product durability.

And let’s not forget about how environmental stewardship is changing the way companies do business. Reducing waste and incorporating sustainable materials into everything that we buy is the new standard. Some organizations even offer organic or water-soluble options to protect plant and animal life.

Validation that packaging is a recession-proof industry that keeps getting bigger.

Packaging Jobs Are Plentiful and Diverse

While some equate packaging only with assembly line or production work, that’s far from the case. Large packaging companies often have tens of thousands of employees spread throughout their operations. With so many workers, the need for support staff grows as well.

Many of which are in the same disciplines we’re already accustomed to.

Sales – every business in existence needs qualified sales professionals and packaging is no exception. These positions typically offer flexible work schedules and prevent you from being tied to a desk every day.

Best of all, your income potential is based off performance. The more you sell - the more you earn.

Marketing - what use are great packaging products when no one knows they exist? Talented marketing personnel are required to promote company brands and services and ensure consistency in their messaging.

Product Development - experts that generate new ideas and improve existing products offered to the customer. With the stiff competition and large growth volume many organizations are experiencing, product development specialists are in demand.

Management - packaging executives are needed to make tough business decisions and keep organizations in the black. Management jobs are coveted and high-performers can fetch top dollar.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list. There’s also support teams like HR, admin, housekeeping, and maintenance. All of which are needed for successful operations.

Packaging Salaries Are Highly Competitive

While pay shouldn’t be the only factor in your career choice, it still holds considerable weight. Thankfully, packaging career benefits don’t disappoint here either.

Entry-level jobs in production and assembly typically pay well above national averages. Many include healthcare and retirement benefits as well. As you progress through the ranks though, the financial outlook becomes even brighter.

Packaging engineers are integral to the success of their employers. Thus, the majority are well-compensated for their efforts. Rates vary amongst employers and geographic regions, but a mid-5-figure salary is not uncommon (even for newcomers).

And the higher up the ladder you go, the better it gets.

Well-qualified packaging executives can earn a handsome salary alongside great benefits and performance bonuses. According to a recent IPP and Packaging World survey, seasoned executives reported salaries at or near the $120K mark.

Even better, 70% of these same respondents described feeling either “somewhat” or “very secure” when it comes to job security. Welcome news for peace of mind in one’s career choice.

The Packaging Industry Is Poised for Growth

Yet another plus of beginning a career in packaging is the strong outlook for growth in this sector. The modern world is built upon speed, flexibility, and convenience. And the packaging industry is well-poised to capitalize on this demand.

Flexible packaging is a prime example - especially in relation to food safety and handling. The push for fresher, healthier options are driving revenues in this sector at an unprecedented rate.

This segment of the industry alone is expected to reach an estimated $358 billion in sales by 2024. With little to indicate any chance of a slowdown.  

Medical device packaging is a hot market also. Due to a rise in healthcare services, the need for smart, sterile packaging options remains strong. Advances in medical technology - alongside an uptick in consumer spending -will result in a boom for packaging providers.

Some experts predict market share to exceed $50 billion by 2022. A roughly 70% growth rate over a ten-year period.

While there are many other examples, these two sectors highlight the incredible opportunities available to packaging companies and their employees.

Packaging Opportunities Exist Around the World

Let’s face it - as long as people are buying or selling goods, the need for packaging will exist. Whether it be for food, construction, entertainment or anything else, items won’t make it very far without proper packaging.

That means the same array of jobs are available throughout the world. Whether you want to be a packaging executive in the US, or an engineer in Australia, the opportunity is there for you.

Just like in healthcare or technology, the best packaging professionals write their own ticket in regard to lifestyle and location. The skills and experience gained in one market can easily be transferred to another.

Bottom line - packaging careers are a smart choice for those looking for options.  


Beginning a career in packaging really does have it all. An enormous amount of opportunity for growth and development, great pay and benefits, and the chance to live and work virtually anywhere in the world.

With continual expansion, packaging is a job you can count on for the long-haul. History shows the demand will always be there - and with the global economy thriving - you can bet packaging will follow suit.

Deciding how far you want to take your career (both literally and figuratively) may be the hardest part.

What questions do you have about packaging industry careers?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

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