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Every Job Interview Is The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Because you never know. Do You? Anything could happen!

Make no mistake, when a prospective employer invites you to interview, they see value, potential and want to learn more about you – first-hand.  This is your moment to shine, so make sure you prepare and show them your best. Yet, with so much on the line, many good candidates don’t, and pay dearly.

What they could have done differently is easy to explain.

Rather than seizing the moment, too many qualified candidates go through the motions and self-destruct.  Instead of an offer, they get a We’ll pass.   We don’t want to see this happen to you.

An interview is like going into a major sales call, and we want you to land it and close the sales call. The reward for victory is the offer and your recruiter is ready to help.  Remember that while each interview is unique, every interview features three basic components:

  • Preparation before the interview
  • Passion during the interview
  • Professionalism after the interview

Packaging Companies Respect Preparation

Do your homework. Research the company and identify what you bring to them, the specific experience and skills that translate into how you’ll contribute.  Being in-tune with what they do and where they’re going speaks to your professionalism; failure to do that creates doubt.  Demonstrate that you’re paying attention to what’s happening at the company, and show your awareness of such things as acquisitions, press releases and other new developments.

Prepare questions. More than demonstrating an inquisitive mind, developing questions confirms a thoughtful, professional approach and tells them you value their consideration, the opportunity and want to know more.  Note that the opposite is also true; failing to have questions can be a red flag for the interviewer.  

Align your accomplishments. Combine your understanding of the company with your career accomplishments.  The obstacles you’ve overcome, the invaluable lessons learned, and the notable achievements.  They all frame your candidacy as inarguably qualified and ready to benefit them.  Avoid vague generalities and be prepared with specific examples of your accomplishments.

Prepare ideas. Areas of interest and expertise that showcases your skills, also demonstrates a proactive approach, and specifics you’ll translate into action and contribution. Your past got you in the door, but it’s how you’ll leverage the past in the future – to their benefit – that gets you the offer.

Packaging Companies Respect Passion

Basic common sense. All the obvious things. Dress professionally but without going over top; be tidy and well-groomed; remember to make eye contact, be well-spoken and avoid the obvious traps. Remember to have copies of your resume and other relevant support documentation at hand.

Enthusiasm sells.  Energy, passion and pride are winning characteristics. An interview is no time to be coy, but is time to leave no doubt that you’re determined, capable and ready for the challenge. Enthusiasm can be infectious while indifference spells disaster.  

Confidence not Arrogance. Set the right tone rather than planting seeds of doubt. Confidence is inspiring, but arrogance offends.  Be relaxed but assured, friendly and accessible, but professional and business-like.  Balancing grace and style will win the day.

Anticipate the obvious. From the most likely question such as why you’re interviewing if you’re happy where you’re currently employed to, if you’re between positions, explaining it matter-of-factly, without seeming defensive or desperate.  Those questions deserve smart, prepared answers.

Enjoy the moment. Because it’s your moment; remember to enjoy it. Be your natural, authentic, enthusiastic and capable self. Give it your very best, answering questions directly, staying on point and demonstrating a respectful willingness to listen and learn. By doing that, rather than regrets afterwards, you’ll feel great knowing you gave it your best shot.

Packaging Companies Respect Professionalism

Sooner beats later.  A note thanking them for the opportunity to interview is always a nice touch. It’s also a great way to naturally reinforce your interest and enthusiasm. Proactively inquire about next steps.  Sooner really does beat later. Don’t delay. Follow-up within 24 hours.

Seize the opportunity. An interview is your shot at a life-changing career-defining moment.  Make the most of it. Prepare; interview with purpose, enjoy the moment, and then follow-up like the professional you are.

Together- We Succeed!
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