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Controlling the Narrative - How Corporate Storytelling Strengthens Your Brand

Corporate storytelling is a powerful strategy to promote your brand. After all, what better way to personify your company than by sharing both your successes and failures? But good storytelling doesn’t mean just throwing out a few blog posts here and there.

It’s about focused, consistent effort that becomes an extension of your brand and promotes value in the marketplace.

Corporate Storytelling Defines Your Business

Corporate storytelling is like playing sports - the best defense is a good offense. You should be actively promoting the benefits of your organization if you want to enlist top talent. Aligning your hiring managers, Human Resources and/or talent acquisition teams with an experienced recruiting agency is a great way to accomplish this.

Not only can recruiters find the right candidates, but share your true story with them as well.

Company Culture - What’s the vibe like in your workplace? Casual and relaxed? Or a bit more serious? Talk about what a typical day looks like. What kind of customers do you serve and how do you go about it? These are the kind of details potential employees want to know about.

Don’t be afraid to tout your accomplishments either. People love a winning team and will want to share their victories with others in their network.

Values - What core values guide your organization and steer the decision-making process? Sharing these beliefs are critical not only to empowering your existing workforce but landing new talent also.

Job seekers do their homework to learn about the identity of prospective employers. If they don’t believe your values match theirs, they’ll look elsewhere.

Work/Life Balance - Explain how employees are valued both in and out of the workplace. Is flex time an option? What about attending workshops or conferences for growth and development? And don’t forget reimbursement or time off for educational pursuits.

All of which make for great talking points.

The key here is to design your corporate storytelling from the candidate’s perspective - not your own. The more candidates can “see” themselves in the role you're describing, the more likely they are to act.

Perception Is Everything (Controlling the Narrative)

On the flip side, when times get tough, you should know how to play defense as well. Like when bad news breaks or there’s trouble on the horizon. However, when you’ve nurtured your reputation ahead of time, these waters become much easier to navigate.  

Paint A Different Picture - Strategic storytelling allows you to respond to criticism by sharing your side of the story. A perspective that will accurately convey what has taken place. And if you’ve built a strong brand, your audience will be more apt to believe you.

Should you choose to remain quiet, rest assured competitors will do the talking for you.

Dispel Rumors - Another benefit of controlling the narrative is avoiding trouble before it starts. Companies that tackle hearsay head-on are more likely to persevere vs. those who don’t. Not only will this satisfy the public’s curiosity, but (hopefully) keep you in favor with prospective employees.  

After all, letting accusations fester makes you look guiltier..

This is another area where recruiters and those on the front lines of the hiring process can help. During rough patches, they can interject on your behalf and shift a candidate's perspective using accurate information.

Focus on the Future - Strategic Corporate Storytelling

One of the most important aspects of corporate storytelling is the ability to shape your company’s future. Whether it be in terms of growth, revenue, or overall impact. You must serve your clients today, but focusing only on the now can mean getting blindsided in the future.

Promoting the right narrative is one way to avoid this.

Build Your Reputation - A major obstacle to growth is (of course) hiring exceptional people. It’s no secret - there’s only so much influence that money or benefits can exert. The rest is about finding the right fit between the company and employee.

With good corporate storytelling, the talent comes to you.

Because word gets out. And candidates want to be part of organizations that create value and serve others. This idea holds especially true with the millennial workforce. These go-getters have high expectations for the companies they work for. If businesses don’t practice what they preach, millennials won’t hesitate to move on.

Promote Word of Mouth/Referrals - The most powerful form of advertising on Earth. Be sure to share what you’re doing - especially when it comes to success stories. Doing so keeps your brand top of mind with clients and adds powerful social proof to increase momentum.


Some would argue that “results speak for themselves” or talking too much is just “bragging”. But that’s simply not true.

Smart organizations know that staying ahead of the curve is the only way to remain competitive. And one of the easiest ways to do this is by implementing quality corporate storytelling into your brand.

Now that’s something to talk about…

Together- We Succeed!

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